Video Game Therapy


It all started when...

That's the beginning of all great tales, right? We believe so, and many of us today have had that deep personal connection to video games, whether it was solely as a child or rather a lifelong enjoyment of gaming it's become a commonplace experience. We offer Video Game Therapy for both Physical and Emotional areas of concern, but also as a social tool. We do this because we can remember the days of passing the controller around watching family and friends fail and succeed time and time again in Mario, Sonic, Metroid, and so many more, we remember what it's like to spend hours with the people you love and care about saying "Just 10 more minutes" ,"one more level" we have the fond memories of playing games and building friendships, romances and family bonds. Some of us even have used gaming as a way to escape from the harsh world when things get a little too uncertain, too scary, or just to unwind for a little bit each day after hard day's work. These Memories, These Experiences, These connections are the reason We want to invite you into our community, to build new Bonds, and start New adventures.

Are you ready? 


How can it help me?

It's not a perfect Science, but there rarely are, Using Games and Virtual Experiences we can begin to retrain the way your Hands Work, minimize the shaking, the aches, make them move faster, or more precisely. But we can do the same for your Mind. From Tetris teaching you how to fit things together in the most effective efficient way, Like packing, or strategy games forcing you to reconsider how you think and operate to become more effective and concise in your decision making, to FPS's throwing you into fight or flight situations to train the anxiety into a tool to make you faster, more responsive and more aware.

will you take the challenge?