Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR)



Reflexive Performance Rest (RPR) is a cutting edge system to instantly improve joint mobility, movement quality, core and athletic performance.

R.P.R. is perfect for…

  • High School, Collegiate, Recreational, or Professional Athletes trying to take their performance to the next level

  • Individuals looking to improve movement quality

  • Anyone wanting to safely get back into a moderate to intense exercise program

Movement Quality

When the body carries imbalances, we use what are called “compensation patterns”. This is the body incorrectly attempting to move with good mechanics. By clearing these patterns and allowing the body to move without compensation, we enable it to move in a manner that is safer, and more athletic.

RPR starts with identifying these patterns and eliminating them in a matter minutes. From there, we can begin to assess individual muscle function to ensure all the vital parts are fully functional and operating as a unit.

Performance & Recovery

Your breathing controls the mind, and your mind controls your body. You can dramatically improve vital processes by altering the way the body takes in air.

When you take in air through the chest and not through the diaphragm, the breath is shallow. Shallow breathing is inefficient and can trigger a stress response if left unchecked. Proper breathing patterns allow for greater improvements in athletic performance, but more importantly, faster and more complete recovery.


Until 2016, RPR was a well kept secret in the U.S. A few strength and conditioning coaches found it at a performance seminar in South Africa and have vowed to evangelize its benefits to coaches, trainers, and practitioners alike.

Now that its available in the U.S., its benefits are being used by professional sports teams, colleges, chiropractors & others for a variety of different reasons. See and feel the difference for yourself.