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At the Therapy of Champions we believe that true recovery is not a one time event.

below you will find service options to satisfy all your recovery needs! 

$50 per session

Whole Body Cryotherapy - Cryo-facial - Reflexive Performance Reset

Starting at $35 per session

Localized Cryotherapy - Normatec Compression - Game Day Reflexive Performance Reset - RockTape


GREAT workouts planned? Don't slow your progress by not being RECOVERED!

it’s time to take care of the most important item you own!


$25 Registration fee, 2 month MINIMUM and Huge member discount on overages

All New Champions Choice Membership Only $20 per Month

Bronze 4 Sessions $75

Silver 10 Recovery Sessions $150

Gold Available Session Everyday $199


Unlimited Monthly $300

(Best to complete at least 10 to 15 Sessions in 30 days! Then start your membership based on your recovery needs!)

New Clients

5 Whole Body Cryotherapy Sessions for $99 Guarantee*

Complete this package within 10 days to get the cumulative effects started today!

30 Day Ultimate Recovery Package for only $350


1 active release TECHNIQUE session with Thompson Maesaka, 1 30 minute reflexive performance reset and 12 member recovery sessions of your choice

* Special Terms Apply. Ask our Team for more details!