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At the Therapy of Champions we believe that true recovery is not a one time event.

So below you will find packages and membership options to satisfy all your recovery needs! 

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GREAT workouts planned this week? Don't forget about your RECOVERY!

Because it is time to take care of the most expensive item you own!

Whole Body Cryo-Therapy Summer Deals

Walk-In at $50 per Single Session or Purchase Online Today and Save $15!

$35 Single Session ( Using Promo code Summer18 at checkout )

$100 Ultimate Week

NormaTec Compression Therapy

$30 ( 25 minute single session. Arms, Legs, or Hips )

$50 ( combo treatment with two attachment groupings)

Reflexive Performance Reset (R.P.R)

$20 - RPR Test & game day Reset

$60 - rpr Test & half body Reset

$120 - rpr test & full body Reset