Single Cryotherapy sessions available only $30

At the Therapy of Champions we believe that true recovery is not only a one time event.

Tools we have Available for you:

Whole Body Cryotherapy - Cryo-facial - Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) and Training

Localized Cryotherapy - Normatec Compression Legs Hips and Arms - Active Release Technique

(ART) - Functional Neuro-Orthopedic Rehabilitation (FNOR) - RockTape Applications - ARPWave - Full Active Recovery Space Powered with Hyperice Tools


it’s time to take care of the most important item you own!


Access to any combination of our Recovery tools Up to an hour: Localized Cryotherapy, Normatec Legs Hips or Arms, Vibration Plate and Active Recovery Space (Powered by HyperIce) plus a complementary Whole Body Cryotherapy Session.

The Best thing to happen to recovery since finding out you need to recover!
— Branden Johnson


Includes Daily Access to any of our Recovery Tools* and 5 Complimentary Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions each month.

*Recovery Tools Include: Localized Cryotherapy, normatec legs hips or arms, vibration plate and active recovery space (Powered by hyperice). Add a cryofacial, 10 min hypervolt percussion assistance, rocktape application or ARPWave electric stem enhancement for an additional $20 each.