About Origin

Origin Meals started as a few people making meals for friends at the gym. Over time they have grown into a group of people who share a genuine passion for health and helping others. Their team began as customers looking for a new solution to help them live a healthier lifestyle. That’s what they bring to you now. People who are passionate about their own health and improving the health of others.

Each week Origin starts from Scratch to make the best meals they can from Locally sourced and responsibly raised proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Holding Themselves to the highest standards, They strive to make meals that aren't just delicious but also serve the needs of your body. No fake colors or flavors. No artificial preservatives or chemicals. Just wholesome food to give you what you need and nothing else.

Origin Meals was founded to meet the demand for fresh, convenient, quality food that followed the Paleo protocol. In 2013 they formed a team of talented chefs with experience from award-winning kitchens, and began preparing and delivering meals to a handful of local gyms. Now they've grown to more than 70 locations in the Twin Cities, Rochester, St. Cloud and Milwaukee and deliver thousands of meals to happy customers every week.

What they offer

Offering Between Paleo Strict, Paleo-Grain, and Vegetarian Menus all to give you the widest variety of flavors and greatest flexibility to match what you want to eat, with that you need.

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