Nutritional Therapy

1:1 nutrition consult:

Individualized nutrition plans that are right for your body, goals and your specific metabolism. Learn how to get your body to burn fat, stop cravings, increase energy and get you feeling as good as you can.  Whether your goals are to lose weight, decrease inflammation, build muscle, maximize athletic performance, increase recovery from injury or overall health. Stop trying every new nutrition plan that comes around and find what's right for you. 

small group nutrition:

Come get all your nutrition questions answered while having the support of your peers in your group. We will talk on specific nutrition topics of your choice, set weekly goals and recipe swap. Share with your peers any tips you have that keep you going and staying on track. While having the expertise and accountability of a dietitian to answer all your questions. 

Grocery Store tours; 

Choose the grocery store of your choice and have a dietitian navigate you through the store. Receive helpful tips on the best foods to put in your cart, label reading, best brands, cost savings, new snack and meal ideas and healthy convenience foods. Grocery stores can be very overwhelming with lots of temptations. Learn what to buy and what to avoid all while making your trips to the store a lot less stressful. 


One hour long seminars of a nutrition topic of your choosing. This will include 45 minutes of lecture and 15 minutes to answer any questions that may come up. Topics can range from Pre-post workout nutrition, eating for max athletic performance, weight loss, inflammation, meal prep, stress, sugar, hormones, protein/fats/carbs which are best and how much do I need. The more you know the better choices you can make.