NeuroTarget Therapy



The NeuroTarget System is an advanced system of evaluating and treating a complaint by targeting the cause. All of the joints are supported and protected by muscles and all of the muscles are controlled by the nervous system. Any imbalance in the nervous system can manifest as a muscular imbalance resulting in a loss of stabilization of the joint. This leads to injured tissue. Treating the injured tissue does not resolve the underlying neurological imbalance. This causes the injury to return. Balancing the nervous system by using the NeuroTarget System restores the muscular imbalance, returning the joint stability. This will allow the injured tissue to heal without further insult.

New Injury Patients:

If you are new to NeuroTarget Chiropractic, you will need to complete the New Patient Intake Form, or the Online Intake Form prior to your scheduled appointment. If you arrive for your appointment without this completed we will have to re-schedule your appointment, as there will not be enough time for the appointment.

All new patients can expect a review of their current complaint, health history review, and an examination by a doctor.

The typical fee for this service is $40.00.

New patients will also have additional fees for the treatment if they decide it is a good option for them. Treatments typically range from $57.00 - $68.00.

Returning Injury Patients:

Follow up treatments for injury care typically involve a 20 minute visit and include a brief exam, neurological therapy, and an adjustment. These services comprise the NeuroTarget System and are essential for the best outcome. The typical fee for this service ranges from $57.00 - $68.00.

Wellness Patients:

A wellness patient is a person who uses the NeuroTarget System for injury prevention, performance optimization, and to recover the nervous system. This will help you get the most from the training so you can be an even better athlete. Wellness patients typically receive a 15-minute treatment 1-4 times per month. The typical fee for a wellness treatment is $30.00.

A wellness patient is not a person presenting for treatment of a specific condition or complaint such as pain or an injury.