Worried about the first time?

Whole Body Cryotherapy is great for chronic pain, inflammation, sore muscles and other conditions. curious about how it all works?

How Cold Does It Get?

Cryotherapy uses vaporized liquid nitrogen to lower your skin's surface temperature by 30-50° in 30 seconds or less, and you'll stay there for 2-3 minutes. Although it’s cold, your skin and organs don’t freeze because the session is so brief. Think of it like making a snow angel: you might feel cold for a moment, but you're having fun. And since there is no hydration is left on the skin after the treatment, you warm up again right away.

you can also feel Results Quickly!

Clients suffering from inflammation and pain generally experience relief almost instantly. It typically takes a few sessions (5-10) before you can expect long-lasting results, but each session builds upon the previous one, so you'll notice the relief lasts longer each time you visit.

This is Minnesota, I'm Already Cold!

tolerance for cold is a little different for everyone, but as a Minnesota resident, you might be thinking… Don’t we have to deal with EXTREME temperatures enough as it is? Why would anyone voluntarily step into a cryosauna?

That’s legitimate. However, if you’re dealing with chronic pain, inflammation, or injury, it’s probably safe to say tolerating a few minutes of cold is worth it for the relief you’ll feel.

It’s Not the Same Kind of Cold

Truth be told, the cold that you feel in a cryosauna is not as harsh as you’re probably imagining. Though the temperature drops pretty low, cryotherapy uses a completely dry gas, which creates a different sensation than say, jumping into an icy lake or ice bath. Many people don’t even shiver! In fact, your core may actually feel warm in the chamber, while your feet and hands are protected with socks, slippers, and mittens.

Technicians are supervising the session at all times, and the sauna can be opened if you start to feel too uncomfortable…

Most of our clients experience pain relief after just a few minutes in the cryosauna.

What's Happening to my body?

If you’re already somewhat familiar with what happens in a Cryotherapy Sauna, you know that liquid nitrogen vapor is used to lower your skin's surface temperature 30 to 50° very quickly. Spending just 2 to 3 minutes in the sauna can do wonders for people with chronic pain, inflammation, or injuries. But what’s ACTUALLY happening to your body during those few short minutes?


First, your skin reacts to the sudden change in temperature and starts sending messages to your brain, stimulating regulatory functions. Your body begins releasing anti-inflammatory molecules, endorphins (the “feel good” energy hormones), and toxins.

While you’re in the sauna, your body pulls more blood into your core. Even though your skin is cold, your chest, back, and stomach might feel warm. While the blood is concentrated in your core, it gets more nutrients and oxygen than usual.

What Happens Next?

Once you step out of the sauna, that nutrient and oxygen-rich blood is dispersed throughout your entire body. Between that and the endorphins, many people report the best night of sleep they’ve had, along with positive mood changes for up to a few days!


Is Liquid Nitrogen safe?

When you think of dry ice, the first things that come to mind are probably rock concerts, magic tricks, and Halloween. You probably never considered the healing effects liquid nitrogen can have on the body. However, there are numerous benefits to this natural vapor, especially when you immerse yourself in a cryosauna chamber for 2 to 4-minute cryotherapy session.

Is It Safe?

You might be wondering, “Is that really safe?” This is a question we get from new clients all the time. In fact, liquid nitrogen vapor is completely non-toxic, non-flammable, and naturally occurring in our atmosphere. The air we breathe contains 78% nitrogen, and lots of culinary artists actually use it to make ice cream and other trendy dishes.

Liquid nitrogen is simply the (much) colder version of the harmless gas that we breathe. Short-term exposure is very beneficial and can relieve muscle soreness, pain, swelling, and even reduce the signs of aging.

Wasting time with Ice Baths

You’ve been doing it since you were a kid. You get a bump, bruise, or injury and you put an ice pack on it.

No ice pack? Try frozen peas.

All that matters is that it’s cold, right? Wrong. Not all “cold” is created equal, and in fact, you may be wasting your time (and money) with some of the cold therapy options that are out there.

Your Time Is Precious

Many people come in and want to know if cryotherapy is the same as an ice bath. The truth is, an ice bath can feel good momentarily, but it can never rival cryotherapy. An ice bath typically lasts 15 minutes, and that time, the cold penetrates skin and can cause tissue damage.

On the other hand, cryotherapy only lasts a few minutes. During this time, the skin receptors are triggered to release endorphins and oxygen into the blood, which decreases inflammation and pain. The skin tissue isn’t penetrated or damaged.

So, the next time you need relief, skip the cold pack and the ice bath. Schedule a cryotherapy session. You’ll be in and out in no time, and you’ll experience a reduction in your symptoms immediately.

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James bond does it, should I?

What do LaBron James, Mandy Moore, and Jennifer Aniston have in common? They all enjoy a good cryotherapy session. Even Daniel Craig swears by the healing and weight loss benefits that come from stepping into the cryosauna.

Pre-Fight Prep

In preparation for his 2015 match against Many Pacquiao (remember, the one with the $300 million prize?) Floyd Mayweather Jr. was reportedly using cryotherapy almost daily to recover from his intense workout sessions.

Most of us “regular” people won’t need that intensive of a regimen, but the benefits you’ll see from cryotherapy are the same, whether you’re a famous actor, world-class athlete, active in your everyday life, or in need on some general recovery from inflammation or muscle soreness.

A pain solution that lasts

Did you know that whole body cryotherapy was first introduced in Japan in the 1970’s it was intended to help people suffering from multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis? Today, it’s still great at providing relief for those ailments, it’s also effective at providing relief for age-related aches and pains, injuries, headaches, as well as exercise and post-op recovery.

A Closer Look

Cryotherapy is a fantastic pain relief option, because unlike painkillers it is completely natural, and it works in concert with the body to provide healing relief, rather than just masking the pain. You’re not temporarily being numbed. In fact, what’s actually happening in that cryosauna is pretty amazing.

Cryotherapy encourages the formation of hormones that help boost your mood, cause relaxation, and help reduce inflammation. All those things help control pain and increase healing speed.

We want all our clients to enjoy freedom from pain, but we also want them to heal and recover faster so they experience long-lasting results. Fortunately, cryotherapy can deliver both of these benefits.

Just an Old Wive's Tale

Did your mother ever say to you, “bundle up or you’ll catch a cold!”

Turns out this is the one thing she didn’t get quite right (everything else she said, of course, was 100% accurate).

It Was All a Lie In fact, according to health.com, cells that fight infection in body actually increase if you go out into the cold. When your skin is exposed to sudden cold for short durations (such as when you’re in the cryosauna) more blood is directed to your core and internal organs.

While your blood is concentrated in your core, it gets more nutrients and oxygen than usual. When you get out of the chamber, all that nutrient and oxygen-rich blood disperses throughout your body, helping your immune system fight any viruses or bacteria that don’t belong.

If you already have a cold, cryotherapy’s immune-boosting action could help decrease the severity and duration. Talk about a win/win situation!

When Shouldn't I do it?

We believe so strongly in the healing benefits of cryotherapy, however, we would never advise someone to enter the cryosauna if they suffer from any of the following conditions:

· Untreated high blood pressure (those undergoing treatment are in the clear)

· Suffering from an active blood clot

· Certain heart conditions (our staff can help determine if your diagnosis is contraindicated)

· Aneurysms

· Pregnancy

If you currently are experiencing any of the above, or your doctor has advised you against whole body cryotherapy, you should avoid stepping into the sauna.

However, There Is Another Option!

Localized cryotherapy is a great alternative to whole body cryotherapy for certain conditions. For example, a pregnant woman can be treated for a knee injury without any risk to her or her unborn child with localized cryotherapy. Localized cryotherapy treatments are done in 10 minutes or less and are very relaxing. Watch this video for a closer look at localized cryotherapy. 

Pain And Depression.

Did you know there is a strong correlation between pain and depression? Depression can worsen pain, and pain can worsen depression… it’s a vicious cycle that can be hard to break free from.

For some people with depression, the symptoms can manifest as physical pain, for instance headaches or muscle pain. People that experience chronic pain can quickly become worn down, have trouble sleeping, and experience mood swings. Pain that is so severe and prolonged can affect a person’s ability to work, which leads to legal or financial issues that can cause or worsen feelings of depression.

Is there any way out of this cycle?

When you’re feeling trapped in this cycle, you might feel hopeless, like there’s no way out. Treating each symptom is so important. The best solution is to find a treatment solution that can effectively target both the pain and the depression symptoms.

Whole body cryotherapy is the answer!

As we’ve discussed in previously, cryotherapy is extremely effective at treating both physical and mental ailments. Here’s what you can expect after your whole body cryotherapy session:

Physically: You’ll have less pain, inflammation, and swelling while having better joint range of motion, recovery, energy, immune function, and stamina. You’ll also probably sleep better than you have in a while.

Mentally: You’ll experience a sense of wellbeing and improved mood along with less stress, anxiety, and depression.

Ready to break free from the pain/depression cycle and start living your best life?

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Age? Just a Number.

Yes, we all know that age is just a number. However, as we age it can be discouraging to see the evidence of it on our faces. Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin… it’s all par for the course, right?

What if it doesn’t have to be? What if instead of trying every cream and “magic potion” you see to help combat these common skin complaints, you could just step into the cryosauna for a few minutes?

You can! And you should!

Cryotherapy for Beauty

In addition to being effective at relieving pain, elevating your mood, increasing your energy, and helping you sleep better, cryotherapy also has great benefits for your skin. You can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes with a trip to the cryosauna. Really!

How does it work? Cryotherapy helps to stimulate collagen production, which results in smoother, firmer, more youthful-looking skin.

Getting Better Sleep

Can we ask you a personal question? How did you sleep last night?

Did you get a good 7-8 hours of restful shut-eye that is recommended for adults? Or did you toss, turn, wake up numerous times, or just plain stay up too late? If you have regular issues with getting enough sleep (or getting good quality sleep) you know how much it can affect other aspects of your life. Your temper can be quicker, your focus isn’t as sharp, and your appearance can suffer.

Cryotherapy Can Help

Before you reach for the sleeping pills, stop in and try a whole body cryotherapy session! Unlike medication, it’s a natural treatment that has many great benefits. In addition to relieving pain, elevating your mood, burning calories, improving your skin tone, and increasing your energy, it can also help you get some much-needed rest.

Want to hear what our actual clients had to say?

“More energy, faster recovery and better sleep has kept me coming back.” – David Konshak

“I was able to SLEEP IN BED through the night just 10 days out of surgery, which is unheard of!” – Jake Roberts

“I did sleep better, woke up refreshed and ready for my day!!” – Jas Monet

“After Day 1, I noticed that sleeping was much less uncomfortable.” – Holly Dudley

These are the words of our real customers; people just like you. This is just a small sampling of the feedback we’ve received about people enjoying more improved sleep after their cryotherapy sessions.