At the Therapy of Champions we believe in fair market value exchanges! Fair Market Value is an estimate of the market value of our services, based on what a knowledgeable, willing, and unpressured buyer would pay to a knowledgeable, willing, and un-pressured provider for services. We also believe in treating all clients as friends, so you will always be provided with the best combination of services and care! Now G.O.Y.A


Why Choose Member Exchange?

To take care of the most expensive item you own!


Our Prices are Better

Memberships start at only $30 per month!

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Our Tools are Better

Your Recovery is Faster!

Whole Body Cryo-Therapy

  • Not a member yet: $40
  • Member Exchange: $25
  • Ultimate month: $350 (Up to 2 sessions a day)

NormaTec Compression Therapy

  • Not a member yet: $30*
  • Member Exchange: Only $15*
  • Ultimate Normatec Membership starts at $30 
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Your Better with Us

Our Exchange is for a Better Living!

TOC Combination Therapy

  • Squeeze and Freeze: $55 (30 minute NormaTec & 1 Whole Body CryoTherapy session) 
  • Member Exchange: $40 


  • The Champions Membership

Turn on your bodies own natural ability to heal faster and fight inflammation with our most highly recommended recovery package and membership plan! No monthly fees with member benefits for a year!

First month includes Unlimited Cryo and Normatec Compression ( Up to 2 sessions per day) 

Guarantee yourself $25 Cryo sessions & $15 Normatec sessions for a full year!

Only $350


Other Memberships available to fit your lifestyle!

GET IN THE GAME: Two Sessions per month $50

SKOL: Weekly Maintenance membership $90

BIG TEN: Shareable $200


Only $25 per session after you have exceeded the membership program and $15 Normatec sessions!


Limited number still available!