We Offer Rocktape services to help Soothe pain and improve athletic performance with the world’s best kinesiology tape.

What makes Rocktape and fmt unique?

Even though kinesiology tape has been around a long time, it has been a very well kept secret for most of

its history... RockTape is leading a very visible new movement in kinesiology taping, but RockTape is about

a lot more than a great marketing plan and visible exposure to the public...

RockTape was initially developed to stick better and last longer than any other K-tape on the market...

Indeed, the most common complaint from clinicians, patients and consumers alike was that the available

brands of tape were expensive and did not stick for very long... Since FMT took shape from the minds of Dr...

Steven Capobianco, Greg van den Dries and their collaborators, the RockTape company has become as

much about movement as it is about tape... In a landmark training course at Reebok’s CrossFit One facility

in Boston, MA company founder, Greg van den Dries, said, “RockTape is not a tape company, we’re a

movement company...”

It’s not surprising, then, that one of the primary goals in FMT is to foster proper movement in the people

using RockTape, whether that is through treatment of acute injuries, use in chronic cases or for prevention

and performance improvement and training...

Functional Movement Techniques was created as a comprehensive framework of taping for each phase

of need, from reducing swelling in an acute injury to helping outcomes in the rehabilitation phase of care

and FINALLY as an adjunct to training or competition to improve performance and recovery.

FMT begins with a simple framework that is applied consistently throughout the approach and it is open

source in that it pulls from the available best practices in a variety of disciplines... This allows the US

using RockTape and the FMT method to make it work for our clients rather than

forcing them to have to work around a cumbersome and DIFFICULT taping approach.