Deep Tissue Therapy

HALO Healing Therapies is an extraordinary group of therapists passionate about bodywork and healing. No matter what your mood is, we have an experience suited for you, this is no spa, no simple massage, but a massage designed for athletes to perform at the highest levels possible.


Deep tissue bodywork is our specialty. This unique blend of deep tissue, trigger point, detailed muscle work and other rituals specific to the therapist’s skill set intermingled with long relaxing strokes will leave you feeling energized and rejuvenated.


Sports bodywork is customized to the athlete’s needs and time frame of the next athletic event. If you want to perform at an optimal level this deep tissue massage (specific in nature) is for you. A combination of intense bodywork and stretching (if needed) combined with relaxation to ease muscles. It’s time to set a new personal best record.


A Shiatsu/Thai bodywork inspired experience can help soothe digestive problems, fatigue, headache, muscle pain and high blood pressure. If balance is what you need this massage will have you feeling fabulous in no time. This massage is traditionally done wearing loose clothing laying on a futon (therapist provides) instead of a massage table.