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Teaching a stronger body

At The Therapy of Champions, we believe the cause of injury stems from two areas – the body’s inability to absorb force and the lack of strength necessary to absorb said force. If the muscle designed to absorb a force is impaired it will not be able to perform properly, thus leaving other areas of the body to perform tasks they were not designed to perform. Equally, if a muscle lacks sufficient strength to handle the force applied it will in turn fail to maintain its structural integrity and allow the force to be dispersed into the previously mentioned structures. These structures consist of tendons, ligaments, meniscus, labrum, cartilage, bone, bursa, fascia and other muscles. In either case, because these structures are not designed to absorb force, they start to stretch, fray, tear and degenerate. The individual will be left with decreased performance, inflammation and eventually injury.

By utilizing our proprietary tool and specialized protocols we can maintain proper length tension relationships within the muscle and significantly increase strength while preserving structural integrity. This neurological approach focuses on allowing the structures of the body to perform the tasks they were designed while eliminating and overcoming previously developed compensation patterns. Injured tissue is the result of force transferring to areas of the body not designed to absorb the force. Our tool allows the licensed practitioner to find the actual source of the injury and not just where the pain or dysfunction present. The site of injury is actually where the injury ended and not where it began.

This unique and revolutionary technology allows the practitioner to bring the body back into balance and rapidly aides the healing process by increasing blood flow, breaking down scar tissue, and eliminating compensation patterns. The result is not only a reduction of pain and increased functionality but the increased likelihood that the same or a similar injury will not return in the future.